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A Little About Me

We all have our unique stories and journeys in life. Like you, I’ve been blessed to experience a lot of meaningful lessons in my life as I experienced my own medical and emotional journey. Whenever I wanted to seek medical help, I always wondered to myself if the doctor knows the pain that I’ve experienced.

  • Does she/he understand the journey and the path that I’ve gone through?
  • Does she/he know how it feels to be exhausted by trying different solutions and not seeing any results?
  • Does she/he know how to listen and not solely hear what I have to say?

I always thought to myself that a real doctor has gone through these experiences in one way or another. 

Years ago, long before I start my naturopathic journey, I committed myself to let no stories remain behind the door of my office. I made a promise to listen with my whole heart and to be willing to learn and improve myself continually. My goal is to come up with the best individualized medical treatment for you. Today, I’m hoping to guide and witness you as you start your journey on an optimal level of mental and physical wellbeing that might not have envisioned for yourself. My commitment to myself is this.

Dr Farnoush Khodarahmi Naturopathic Doctor
Dr Farnoush Khodarahmi Naturopathic Doctor